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Niludhan Falls, located in Barangay Dawis, Bayawan City is stunning. It is not surprising that the falls is considered a pride of Negros Oriental (Wikipedia Article). Although the falls is closer to the municipality of Mabinay, the barangay where it is located is part of Bayawan City.  According to local stories, the carabaos (water buffaloes) who had crossed the waters at the top area of the falls had to kneel because of the rough path. Hence the name, ‘Niludhan’ (or ‘Kneeling’).



Niludhan Waterfalls is a total of 3 sets of steep, plunging, narrow waterfalls that merge into one strong cascade after heavy rain. The water at the falls is warm and ideal for swimming. For more daring swimmers, there is a ledge behind the waterfalls for diving or free falling. Smooth, flat rocks line the edge of the basin before the water spills off into a stream.

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